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August in NS / NB gig, beach, gig, beach.......

Posted on July 16, 2012 with 0 comments
Love it when arts / theatre orgs. seek out sub-lets... I get to head out of town and know the plants will be watered.
This Aug. I head to Mahone Bay to mix (with the esteemed engineer, John D.S. Adams) my newest release, Holy Heart of Me, recorded with T.I.N.T. (there is no them) Hilmar Jensson, guitar/electronics, Matthias Hemstock - percussion/sound engineer, Valdimar Kolbeinsson - bass, Omar Guðjónsson - tuba,Kjartan Valdemarsson - concertina, and Canadian guests t.b.a.
While in the homeland, I'll debut tunes from the CD with an all-star band at Stayner's Wharf Aug. 30th, guest vocalize with the Threnodies Band and Zokugaku @1313 Hollis, in addition to gigs in Moncton, and elsewhere in the region.

I am excited also to be work-shopping a new improvised theatre /music / comedy performance. Accompanying me -in more ways than musically, you can bet - will be pianist, wit and raconteur extraordinaire, Holly Arsenault. Location, soon t.b.a.

Come out, all my 'Fax fans and friends! We'll have a grand old time!