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May Tour with Aperture Trio and Bob Vespaziani/ Arthur Bull

Posted on May 30, 2012 with 0 comments
Fantastic experience! Began at 1313 Hollis with a Suddenly Listen concert: 1st set Bull/ Vespaziani Duo 2nd set was a wonderful workshop performance ( excerpts soon to be posted on the music pg of this site) with Aperture Trio, Vespaziani, Daniel Heikalo - guitar and guests on flute electronics and more.
That very evening we moved to the Pogue Fado on Barrington for a blissful blow-out with the addition of Lukas Pearse, bass, and Geordie Haley-guitar and an enthusiastic crowd had to be booted out with the rest of us at closing time.

After the duo and Ap. Trio sets, the Moncton, NB gig was a warm and simply beautiful collaboration with the incomparable Roland Bourgeois on trumpet and flugelhorn and his son and the event's gracious organizer, Andre on tenor sax. Fantastic listening audience relaxed ambiance in the venue and a warm reception with an invitation to return that I shall accept this August!

In Fredericton NB, we found a generous audience in artistically inspiring surroundings hosted by Galerie Connexion and Joel LeBlanc joined us on guitar, for an inspired set. ( The last time Arthur and I played with Joel in F'ton was at a women's university hockey final - full-on free music, with the juicily nasty Evan Shaw on alto sax - A fave moment in that show was an electronica processing Zamboni / voice / guitar ensemble as an opener.)

Next, to Rimouski, where we took the maiden voyage of a new improvised music association in a renovated disco which was just SUCH a perfect venue. AMaZinG collaborators joined us - again, after opening Trio and Duo sets. Raphael A.-violin/electronics, Remy B.- el. bass and Eric N.- cello, with an exquisite improvising dancer(whose name, not face, escapes me I am disappointed to admit)
Sincere thanks to Sebastien for the wonderful experience!