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Tena Palmer: links

Hilmar Jensson
Dear buddy, wicked musican:
Canadian Jazz Sites
Chris Wood
Brilliant Brit singer/songwriter. Like Keith's I.P.Ale, "those who like him, like him alot"
sidsel endresen
a great artist showing a way
jim black
drummer nonpareil
Kitchen Motors
Kitchen Motors is a think tank, a record label, and an art collective specializing in instigating collaborations and putting on concerts, exhibitions, ... with whom I collaborated in Reykjavik. I appear with various and wonderful artists on cds: Nart Nibbles and Motorlab #4
Sigur Rós
Live Maria Roggen
wonderful beautiful norwegian singer/songwriter
Andrew D'Angelo
check-out the site.. Andrew is a vital spirit and great player... recovering well from a brain tumor operation - send thoughts, cash and love here~
Barnyard Drama
fun on the farm!
barry guy
Brandon Valdivia
Such a wonderful musician! Glad we got to finally play...with dear pal Geordie Haley - before BV heads to Nicaragua.