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Tena Palmer: tunes

Christmas in Antarctica /jazz

(Tena Palmer - John Geggie)
January 5, 2005
Tena Palmer



Reading a National Geographic article, one frigid Canadian night, of a remarkable explorer in his late 80's, climbing mountains and exploring Antarctica.  

It was Christmas time.

I contemplated how my dear friend, Ginny in Australia spends Xmas... summer time.

In my family, religious rules and dogma have caused so much violence and damage.

By the time I was old enough to be confirmed I quit religion; seeing it, in all forms as 'spiritual exclusivity', an oxymoron in my understanding. .... Light on the oxy, heavy on the... well you get it.

Fantasized: "How unusual and blissfully serene, to escape the dark winter, commercial blitz, entrenched guilt and family drama ... and see our sweet earth from a fresh perspective.

... peace; none excluded. A place unpolluted

by the ravages of religion.


No cliches.

Only penguins, seals

and the Baby Jesus; ice-fishing, 

on hiatus from the sickening madness

carried out

In His Name's Sake

Had been listening to a Keith Jarrett CD and stole ideas for a two-bar vamp

- breaking the 7th commandment...



Peace on Earth


 from the Tena Palmer CD, North Atlantic Drift, with double bassist, John Geggie

and pedal steel / guitarist, Dan Artuso

It's Christmas in Antarctica

but no one seems to know.

The same old scene,

all white and clean;

the same old snow.

Another endless summer's sunny day and night

no need for Christmas lights of red, gold and green. 

None of the penguins or the seals ever heard of Bethlehem

or know the angel's words.

Still, they have peace on earth.

It's Christmas in Antarctica, for what it's worth....