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Tena Palmer: pics

Citizen feature cover
Cover Photo: Montreal Mirror
National Arts Centre Studio duo concert at Ottawa Jazz Fest with Roddy Ellias - guitar
with double bassist, Rob Clutton
these 2 concerts were listed amongst "the best of the fest" by Gazette critics~!
Otava River, Southern Bohemia
dusk on a Swiss cornfield
with Jim Vivian, and Reg Schwager at the Cobourg, Toronto
Sanctuary buddies ~ Christoph Both, Peter Togni, Jeff Reilly
2011 Undercurrent Records release: Sculpin
jam session in Riga, Latvia with  Swiss drummer, Jojo Mayer
best selling disc in 5 CD experimental series: Frjalst er i Fjallasal
German entertainment magazine cover
making a set list - Black Swan Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Icelandic colleagues: David Thor Jonsson, Matthias Hemstock, Joel Palsson, Valdimar Kolbeinsson, and Hilmar Jensson
photo by: Aaron Mckenzie Fraser
Bluegrass festival in the beautiful courtyard of a 13thC brewery - Hof, Bavaria
with collaborator, guiratist Roddy Ellias