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tena palmer & T.I.N.T. is: Tena Palmer, Hilmar Jensson and Matthias Hemstock.

Tena Palmer is an award winning singer songwriter whose recordings range from modern jazz improv & Celtic music, to experimental, original roots and contemporary chamber jazz /pop styles.
“Palmer soars where angels fear to sing". – Mark Miller - The Toronto Globe and Mail
“the most creative vocalist in Canadian free improvisation” - Stuart Broomer Toronto Life Magazine

Guitarist, Hilmar Jensson has performed in 35 countries with his trio "TYFT", Jim Black’s AlasNoAxis, Trevor Dunn's MadLove, Mogil, Outhouse, BMX and others.
Hilmar has recorded and/or performed with John Zorn, Tim Berne, Jim Black, Chris Speed, Skuli Sverrisson, Trevor Dunn, Herb Robertson, Eyvind Kang, Marc Ducret Cuong Vu, Wadada Leo Smith, Arve Henriksen, Per Jörgensen, Anders Jormin and many others.

Matthias Hemstock is a specialist in electronic/ experimental music with drum set replaced by more abstract percussion sounds (amplified stones & sand and heavily processed sounds from cymbals and other traditional percussion instruments.) He has played with most leading Icelandic improvising musicians and frequently collaborates with European and American musicians including violist, Eyvind Kang (Bill Frisell), NYC reed player, Andrew D´Angelo, bassist, Skuli Sverrisson (Laurie Anderson), Palmer and Jensson.
Matthias tours the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Japan. with Icelandic composer and keyboard player Johann Johannsson & various string quartets.

Tena Palmer – voice / compositions
Hilmar Jensson – guitars / electronics
Matthias Hemstock – percussion / electronics
Valdimar Kolbeinsson/ – el. bass
Johannes Asmundsson – el. bass
                                                                                                           Roland Bourgeois - cornet
Kjartan Valdemarsson – concertina
Omar Gudjonsson - tuba

Thora Greta Thorisdottir - harmony vocals
                                                                                               Erin Donovan – bowed vibraphone
Tatu Kantomaa - accordion

Recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland by Matthias Hemstock at KYNJAHLJÓMAR
(kynja has a double meaning: gender/weird and hljómar means sound).
Additional recording, mixed and mastered by John D. S. Adams. at Stonehouse Sound, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cover art by Magnus Helgason

North Atlantic Drift - frökken Lesley, 2005

4 stars**** Wonderful! - Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette 4 stars**** Excellent! " Palmer’s voice is set against a sensually spare soundscape that places acoustic folk and bluegrass next to voice-bass jazz duets and shimmering bossa nova" "....lonesome I know,” Palmer sings with raw quietness courted by Artuso’s lonesome pedal steel. It’s a piercing moment on a disc that sticks in your brain and comes back to haunt you when you least expect it. Alanis Morissette, Lynn Miles, Kathleen Edwards. It’s time to add Tena Palmer’s name to the list of Ottawa songwriters with something to say." - Doug Fischer, Ottawa Citizen "A spare, introspective and totally captivating mix of jazz and country...With the barest minimum of backing ( John Geggie on acoustic bass and Dan Artuso on guitars), she creates a moody and enigmatic atmosphere that feels deeply personal. North Atlantic Drift’s cool tone and open acoustic spaces bring Norah Jones, early Cowboy Junkies, and compatriot Leslie Feist to mind." - Ann Lough LCBO Food & Drink Magazine 3 stars*** ..."alternately wistful and wearied, with a touch of sass but mostly a gentle ache that's quietly convincing no matter what the style." - Mark Miller, Toronto Globe & Mail http://cdbaby.com/cd/tenapalmer buy this CD at CD Baby We love CD Baby!

north atlantic drift

CD North Atlantic Drift "It is a beautiful combo of warmth and being on the edge, like Wayne Shorter or Miles. It's an elusive place Tena seems to have found because she is a brave and fearless woman!" - Mike Murley - Multi Juno Award winner, Jazz Report Magazine's Saxophonist of the year 2002 - 2004. ***** 5 stars Nice low key return from Tena, Nov 8 2005 Boy, Tena Palmer is really unpredictable :). That's a good thing! From the lovely post -bop of Chelsea Bridge to the sorta Joni-Meets-Oregon of her album with Justin Haynes, to the experimental Bjork - like disc, "Crucible," she has shown many sides. This one is a bit of a return to the "Not Drowning...Waving" Haynes side, but a bit more a combination of country/folk and jazz. Best news is her singing is fantastic, and the new songs are really very good. She shows she can still swing like mad in her own way, & deliver a heartfelt ballad like Tom Waits's "Briar & the Rose" too. Wonderful phrasing, & intonation. A low-key release maybe, but definitely one of my faves of '05. If you like her earlier stuff, you'll like it-- and if new I think you'll become a fan. - E. C. Goodstein (Northern CA United States) web jazz blog