Tena Palmer BobVespaziani in Audiopollination Series at Array Space, Toronto, ON 

Blog post: Mechanical Forest Sound


Thursday, June 18, 2015 Recording: Tena Palmer + Bob Vespaziani

Artist: Tena Palmer + Bob Vespaziani

Song: [excerpt from first piece]

Recorded at Array Space ("Audiopollination #31.1"), June 9, 2015.

Tena Palmer + Bob Vespaziani - [excerpt from first piece]

Bob Vespaziani once again proved himself a master of the abstract possibilities that can be drawn from the wavedrum, eschewing straight-ahead percussion in favour of ratcheting, thrumming…

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Christmas in Antarctica 

I am a little slow getting the lyrics on site... even slower, telling the back story. This one ran on & on & got too revealing of secrets, not all mine to tell. Look for the (screen) play in a few years.

{the tree shape was found & coloured after writing the piece}

Reading a National Geographic article, one frigid Canadian night, of a remarkable explorer in his late 80's, climbing mountains and exploring Antarctica.  

It was Christmas time.

I contemplated how my dear friend, Ginny in Australia…

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REVIEW from THE WIRE (UK) : Another real treat was the set by Upstream Orch 

Upstream Music Association REVIEW from THE WIRE (UK) :

Another real treat was the set by Upstream Orchestra, 18 pieces from the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada – not a place one usually thinks of as a hot bed of avant-garde music. But this year was an improvising orchestra with real depth and very strong conduction by Jeff Reilly. They started off with a great run-through of Barry Guy’s Witch Gong Game and followed it with two pieces by their musical director, Paul Cram. Big chunks of…

ANOTHER RAVE REVIEW! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC, 6/6/13 

"As a big fan of large ensembles & modern big bands, I was glad to hear the next set from the Upstream Orchestra. This 18-piece ensemble is from the Maritime provinces in Canada and led by saxist Paul Cram, who had a previous large ensemble at Victo several years back. The orchestra was conducted by Jeff Reilly who also once played in a duo with Jerry Granelli at Victo previously. They played three pieces, one by Barry Guy and two by Mr. Cram. You could tell that a good deal of time and preparation…

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August in NS / NB gig, beach, gig, beach....... 

Love it when arts / theatre orgs. seek out sub-lets... I get to head out of town and know the plants will be watered This Aug. I head to Mahone Bay to mix (with the esteemed engineer, John D.S. Adams) my newest release, Holy Heart of Me, recorded with T.I.N.T. (there is no them) Hilmar Jensson, guitar/electronics, Matthias Hemstock - percussion/sound engineer, Valdimar Kolbeinsson - bass, Omar Guðjónsson - tuba,Kjartan Valdemarsson - concertina, and Canadian guests t.b.a While in the homeland, I'll…

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May Tour with Aperture Trio and Bob Vespaziani/ Arthur Bull 

Fantastic experience! Began at 1313 Hollis with a Suddenly Listen concert: 1st set Bull/ Vespaziani Duo 2nd set was a wonderful workshop performance ( excerpts soon to be posted on the music pg of this site) with Aperture Trio, Vespaziani, Daniel Heikalo - guitar and guests on flute electronics and more That very evening we moved to the Pogue Fado on Barrington for a blissful blow-out with the addition of Lukas Pearse, bass, and Geordie Haley-guitar and an enthusiastic crowd had to be booted out with…

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Aperture Trio Eastern Canada Tour meets the Arthur Bull Bob Vespaziani Cross Canada duo tour and hit the road together! 

Arthur Bull - guitar and chromatic harmonica Bob Vespaziani - wave drum / percussion Paul Cram - tenor sax and clarinet Tena Palmer - voice May 14 9 pm Halifax The Frigate May 15 8 pm Moncton Patent May 16 8 pm Fredericton Connexion Showroom May 17 8?pm Rimouski Coop Paradis Festival des Musiques de Creations Aperture Trio May 18 2030 Jonquieres Salle Perrette Gaudreault stay tuned....details to follow....

Aperture Trio Review: excerpt 

A wag once described Canadian improvised music this way: A group of Canadians reach a doorway; being well mannered, each insists that another go first, resulting in no one passing through the door. That stereotype was strongly rebuked by robust sets by, among others, saxophonist Paul Cram’s trio with bassist Danny Parker and drummer Doug Cameron and Zokugaku, a synth and samples fueled trio with Haley, Cameron and keyboardist Tim Crofts. While there is an appealing mild streak in what can be construed from…

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Aperture Trio Live Concert review: Open Waters Festival 

Page One a column by Bill Shoemaker The Upstream Orchestra ©Upstream Music Association 2012 You know you’ve just gotten in under the wire when the prop plane you’re on pulls up to the gate at the Halifax airport while the outbound Air Canada jets are being de-iced, a crane extended over each wing, the de-icing agent blowing horizontally like the snow. That’s January in Nova Scotia, and some Canadians are quick to say, in essence: Buck…

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