Selected study topics: Integrate mind, breath and body, while developing musical abilities: Overcoming stage fright, finding a relaxed natural sound, fearless self-expression, singing in tune, improving tone, control, volume, range, physical ease and endurance. Help with all kinds of breathing issues. Plus coaching in improvisation, rhythmic and melodic phrasing and stylistic details. Specialty: Helping classically trained voices acquire a more natural sound. All levels and styles welcome. Specialties include Jazz, Country, Celtic, Brazilian, Bluegrass, and extended technique. Tena loves teaching one on one in a relaxed and fun attitude and atmosphere and is equally enthusiastic working with beginners and professional singers. Tena has studied with experts in vocal technique and improvisation in North America and Europe. Through these studies, and international performing/recording experience she has compiled a unique and diverse collection of techniques and insights which she enjoys sharing with voice students in many contemporary styles. Here are a few students' responses to lessons: "Tena, I just wanted to let you know that after 2 hours of your help I've made more progress with my voice then I did with an entire year of previous instructions.- D.Da Silva "Sometimes I wonder why I plug away at singing lessons, in the absence of any public performing goals. But this session today confirmed that it has been totally worthwhile. I've always enjoyed hanging out singing, of course, but lately it has become so much more satisfying, thanks to the lessons with you. It's been a slow train (someday I'll practice like I should), but it travels through such interesting landscape while it brings me closer and closer to where I want to be... More and more in my singing, I can realize and express what I hear and feel in the music. Thank you so much!" – J. Nicol